Celebrating 20 years in business
Our Company
We have a large experience in designing and operate projects of engineering innovation.
Our Company
ISTEC Ingenierķa (Istec srl) is an uruguayan company that provides engineering services since 1998. Our address is: 25 de Mayo 555 esc 110, 11100 Montevideo, Uruguay. 

We are focused on developing solutions based in working with our clients, providing our knowledge, experience, honesty and professionalism. On Istec, we can develop complete fluid lines projects and/or participate on a specific project worldwide, participating as a reference for hydraulics engineers on protection against water hammer. We want to be the best solution for customers on topics related to our products and services.

The Company got different projects in Uruguay and other countries as Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru.


Each work developed in ISTEC, combines teamwork with our customers looking for customized solutions with optimization human resources of our staff, and the experience and professionalism of more 10 years in the engineering market.

In all our projects, we apply sustained and coordinated processes continuous improvement, so that our customers can receive the best solution for their need.
Istec Ingenieria
25 de Mayo 555 esc.110 | Montevideo - Uruguay
598 2915 3177
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