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Hydraulic open chanel flow calculator.
Program to quickly and complete solve open channel with steady flows The calculation of open channels with steady flow is in hydraulic engineering an element in constant use, HiCalc provides a tool to solve the problem in a quick, easy and accurate way. The versatility, simplicity and robustness of this software make it indispensable in any hydraulic engineering company, but also because of its low cost in the PC of any independent engineer.

HiCalc is an accurate and easy to use software to solve the most used applications in open channels of any section. The used algorithms allow the calculation of any of the parameters involved avoiding iterations optimizing the calculation time.

Our program solves in steady flows: uniform, gradually and rapidly varied flows, conservation of energy or momentum and calculates the main hydraulic parameters (Rh, Sf, Fr, v, etc,) for given conditions (water depth and flow)


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