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Technical support
Support email address: support@istec.com.uy

Istec Ingenieria (www.istec.com.uy) offers on line support for ours products since 1998 .

Our products have a one-year online support period from the date of purchase.

Support includes:

- One free reactivation of any software due to computer problems like virus, hard disk damage, etc. 
- Online support to assist our customers in installing / uninstalling / activation or deactivation of any software. 
- On request, basic engineering guidelines for using our software applied to a specific problem. 
- Support communication: email, skype or phone.

For an additional price, our premium support includes:

Free upgrades Training (on site or on-line) for the use of our software with our customer’s data.

If you need more information please contact us to support@istec.com.uy


Each work developed in ISTEC, combines teamwork with our customers looking for customized solutions with optimization human resources of our staff, and the experience and professionalism of more 10 years in the engineering market.

In all our projects, we apply sustained and coordinated processes continuous improvement, so that our customers can receive the best solution for their need.
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